Ms Maria A Pallante

Maria A. Pallante is President and CEO of the Association of American Publishers, which represents the leading book, journal, and education publishers in the United States on matters of law and policy.

Pallante is a recognized leader in the field of intellectual property. From 2011-2016, she served as the head of the U.S. Copyright Office (Register of Copyrights), where she advised lawmakers on issues involving books, software, music, film, artworks, Internet platforms, and libraries. Under her leadership, the Copyright Office produced extensive policy analyses, legislative recommendations, and regulations on questions of law and technology. Prior to her public service, she headed copyright and trademark licensing for the worldwide Guggenheim Museums.

Pallante has delivered a number of distinguished legal lectures, including “The Next Great Copyright Act” (Manges Lecture, Columbia University), and most recently, “I am the Captain Now: Piracy and Other Contortions in the Copyright Marketplace,” (Kastenmeier Lecture, University of Wisconsin).

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