Mr Peter Booth Wiley

Peter Booth Wiley is Chairman Emeritus of Wiley Publishing. He joined the Wiley Board of Directors in 1984 and served as Chairman from 2002 until 2015. He represents the sixth generation of Wileysto play a leadership role at the company, remains a Board observer, and is actively engaged with his Wiley colleagues.

An author and journalist, he coauthored Empires in the Sun: The Rise of the New Americans West and America’s Saints: The Rise of Mormon Powerwith Bob Gottlieb. He also wrote Yankees in the Land of the Gods: Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan andA Free Libraryin This City: The History of the San Francisco Public Library. Wiley was the lead author and editor of Knowledge for Generations: Wiley and the Global Publishing Industry, 1807-2007. He wasa writer/researcher for “Mormons, Missionaries to the World,” an award winning publictelevision documentary and an executive producer of“Winter in the Blood,” a feature film based on a novel with the same titleby James Welch, the well-known American Indian writer. Formerly an associateeditor and staff journalist at Pacific News Service, Wiley was also a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies at the University ofCalifornia Berkeley; the co-author with Gottlieb of Points West, a newspaper column covering the American West and the Pacific Basin;and a feature writer for numerous newspaper and magazines focusing on the same regions. Wiley served on the faculty of the Stanford Professional Publishing Program.

Wiley has been a member of a number of nonprofit boards including the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and the University of California Press. He retired as Chairman of the California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo’s Library Advisory board in 2016. Wiley remains active funding innovation projects at both the San Francisco Public Library and Cal Poly’s Kennedy Library. Wiley received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at Williams College and a Master of Arts in United States History at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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